What is does the top our towers and turrets look like?

Queen Anne Victorian houses are known for their elaborate and ornate architectural features, including towers and turrets. These features not only add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the house but also provide unique living spaces with panoramic views of the surrounding area. However, insulating the top of towers and turrets can present some challenges.

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The real Nightmare on Elm St our basement!

People often mistake our house for the house that inspired Nightmare on Elm Street. In truth, they tore down that house and it is located a few houses down from us. It was never proven that was the case too. But when we went into the basement it was more of the Crypt Keeper! Cobwebs from wall to wall. There was only a path going to the boiler that was like a tunnel through the cobwebs. We spent two days cleaning them out with a broom.

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