Restoring a Historic Gem: Our Journey to Revive a 19th-Century Queen Anne Victorian House

Overview of restoration project

We recently purchased this stunning Queen Anne Victorian house, which was built in 1837. Over the years, it has served as a fraternity for around 100 years, a barracks in World War II, and a place where horses were sold in the early 1900s. Our family feels incredibly lucky to now own this piece of history and embark on the journey of restoring it to its former glory.

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Room 11 has been stabilized

This is one of the easiest and fastest rooms that we did. Well other than removing all of the gold dots off the wall. Yes, gold dots! We even started to call room 11 “the gold dot room”. Being the first room on the 3rd floor made it fun taking supplies up and down the stairs. This room also had a radiator valve that was stuck closed. Took me awhile to get it opened back up to where the room was getting heat.

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First floor back hallway has been stabilized

I can’t find any before photos of the hallway. This is kind of strange considering how important it is to the house. The back hallway connects the kitchen, dining room, back vestibule, backstairs, the grand foyer and the laundry room. Our current laundry room we are going to move and make that room a tearoom but that is a project for another day.

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