Discover 30 Elm St – Unveil the Secrets of a 200-Year-Old Victorian Mansion!

Dive into a thrilling journey with us at 30 Elm St., a monumental Queen Anne Victorian mansion in the heart of Potsdam, NY. As we peel back the layers of time, we uncover the secrets of a home that’s been a community cornerstone for centuries. Will you join us in this grand adventure? Will you help write the next chapter in its rich history? Click to unveil the untold stories of 30 Elm St!

The Story of 30 Elm St. – A Testament to Time

Our three-story home, sprawling across 8,000 sq. ft., has been a cornerstone of our community for centuries. Having housed a vibrant fraternity for 100 years, it’s now opened its doors to a new chapter. As we transform 30 Elm St. into a family home and community space, your involvement can play a key part in this historical metamorphosis. The public is always welcome to stop by and witness the transformation firsthand.

The Promise of 30 Elm St. – A Blank Canvas Brimming with Potential

While the interior of 30 Elm St. may have lost some of its original Victorian elements during its time as a fraternity house, its potential is boundless. We envisage a home that, once again, brims with the charm and elegance of the Victorian era. This restoration journey is not just about physical transformation, but also about reviving the rich history that this house has witnessed. With over 2,000 newspaper articles tracing the life of this property, every step we take in restoration is a step back in time.

Experience Potsdam from 30 Elm St. – Location, Location, Location!

Our location is a treasure in itself. Nestled amidst hiking trails and parks, and only two blocks away from the main street bustling with shops and restaurants, 30 Elm St. is your gateway to the best of Potsdam. With the Potsdam Museum, the library, and Clarkson University right across the street, you’re at the heart of it all.

Events at 30 Elm St. – Celebrate in the Heart of History

Bring your event to life in our enchanting setting! Whether it’s a birthday party, a business meeting, a family gathering, or a community event, hosting at 30 Elm St. contributes directly to the restoration of this historical landmark. Each event helps create unforgettable memories and fuels the preservation of our beloved property.

Join Us at 30 Elm St. – Be Part of a Historical Journey!

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of restoration. Whether you’re visiting, hosting events, exploring, or simply dropping by, you become an integral part of the revival of 30 Elm St. Your support, whether through participation or generous donations, helps us preserve a piece of Potsdam’s history.

To learn more about our project, get involved, or make a donation, fill out our Contact Us form, email us at, or visit our Donation Page. Every contribution brings us one step closer to restoring 30 Elm St. to its rightful grandeur. For that, we thank you!