We are moving.

We are moving? Well I know we have been missing in action for a very long time. Here is an update on what all has been happening.


My work was bought out by a new company, the division I worked for was dissolved and I was moved to another department. Not all bad news! I no longer have to go into the office. This means I can live anywhere I want and still keep my job. This is one of the big things that is allowing us to move. I could not work for a better place. My coworkers are the best!


The weather seems to be changing to. This summer got so hot that all the grass died in our front and back lawn. Going outside was impossible! without air-conditioning. We have been getting hit with more and more storms. I have watched year after year the water rising in the bay. The winters are freezing made worse by the hurricane winds coming off the ocean. We know climate change was a thing, but I thought this area had at least 40 to 50 years before we would start to see it.


The world around us is changing a lot! and we are not getting any younger. It seems that long island is going crazy. Traffic is getting worse. Just last week I saw two different cars driving on the sidewalk. Everyday there are one or two wrecks outside of our house. Just going to the grocery store is like driving through a demolition derby. Awhile back someone even plowed into the side of my truck. It’s all fixed now. I take good care of my stuff. If I stay here I’m going to end up driving a beater. It’s getting to the point I don’t even want to drive! because you are taking your life into your hands every time.

Home Repair

When we moved into this house it had no heat, water, electric and sewer. We have been working our butts off fixing it. It’s now to the point in a year or two we will have taken it as far as we can. There are still some major projects but they are zero return on our investment. Also moving into this house we knew it was a little small for our family. No matter how we setup the bedrooms one of our kids would have to have a bedroom in the apartment. It would be nice to have them all under the same roof. When we got this house it was either this or be homeless. So we are very glad we found her and I do love this house.

Where we are at now.

Everything seems to be pushing us off to a new adventure. One of the biggest past times the better half and I have had were watching home improvement shows. I think it was because of all the repairs on this house. The ones we enjoyed the most were the large Victorian houses. This lead us to looking on Zillow and dreaming. Then we spotted a HUGE Queen Anne Victorian in our price range. We keep thinking it must be a disaster for that price. When my truck was hit, I did a knee jerk reaction and we drove up to look at it. We fell in love with the house, the town, just about everything. So we made the leap and it worked out. We own the house now, and are packing up our stuff and we are moving.

All the info we have on our new house can be found on our wiki page.

Once we have internet and our office back up we will start streaming once more on Twitch.

And we will be posting the videos on YouTube.