Room 11 has been stabilized

This is one of the easiest and fastest rooms that we did. Well other than removing all of the gold dots off the wall. Yes, gold dots! We even started to call room 11 “the gold dot room”. Being the first room on the 3rd floor made it fun taking supplies up and down the stairs. This room also had a radiator valve that was stuck closed. Took me awhile to get it opened back up to where the room was getting heat.

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First floor back hallway has been stabilized

I can’t find any before photos of the hallway. This is kind of strange considering how important it is to the house. The back hallway connects the kitchen, dining room, back vestibule, backstairs, the grand foyer and the laundry room. Our current laundry room we are going to move and make that room a tearoom but that is a project for another day.

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Room 1 has been stabilized

We finally got around to our room. The tower goes through this room and provides wonderful views of the front of the house. It also has a door to one of the second-floor small sleeping balconies. This was one of the few rooms that the ceiling was not covered. The antique and the two pot lights I’m not too wild about but still better than the modern ones that were installed in most of the house. Personally, I feel room 1 is one of the nicest rooms in this house, even if there is a lot of them.

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Room 2 has been stabilized

I will start on a positive note. Room 2 has one of the best views from in front of the house. You look right down Park St. On the left you have the Downtown Snell Hall from Clarkson University. A massive building in its own right. To the left you have the Potsdam Public Museum, Potsdam Public Library and the Village of Potsdam building. All with wonderful massive columns. It looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

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Second Floor Lounge Has Been Stabilized.

With the grand foyer painted it only was right that we continued the paint job on up the stairs. This in most houses this gets overlooked, but I feel that it’s a very important space. It does more than main access to the second floor. The size of ours would make a very nice lounge to read a book or kick back and enjoy the day. But it was in a desperate need of a makeover.

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