Cooling Down Our Queen Anne Victorian with DIY Window Screens

Facing the challenge of cooling our Queen Anne Victorian with 64 windows, we found an innovative, cost-effective solution: DIY window screens. The majority of these windows lacked screens, an essential component for optimal airflow, especially in the warmer months.

Outfitting our architectural gem with 50 new screens, given their unique shapes and sizes, could have been a significant expense. Thus, DIY window screens emerged as the perfect solution. A chance encounter at a local Ace Hardware store during a casual stroll led us to a screen frame kit. Priced at a mere $20, this kit became our go-to for all the window screen needs of our Queen Anne Victorian home.

Choosing the largest kits and stocking up on spare corners and black screen rolls, we embarked on our first DIY weekend project. The result was the successful installation of 10 new screens on the first floor, which we prioritized for maximum airflow.

The difference was instantly noticeable. Our home transformed into a breezy sanctuary, thanks to the mere 25 screens installed thus far. The house’s design, characteristic of Queen Anne Victorians, seemed to act as a natural air circulation system, pulling in cool air from the bottom and expelling hot air from the top.

While we still have more windows to screen, the initial results are encouraging. The cooling effects of our DIY window screens in our Queen Anne Victorian home have been significant, and we’re excited for what’s to come.

If you’re inspired by our restoration journey and wish to support us in preserving this beautiful piece of history, consider making a donation. Every contribution helps us continue this work.

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