Room 1 has been stabilized

We finally got around to our room. The tower goes through this room and provides wonderful views of the front of the house. It also has a door to one of the second-floor small sleeping balconies. This was one of the few rooms that the ceiling was not covered. The antique and the two pot lights I’m not too wild about but still better than the modern ones that were installed in most of the house. Personally, I feel room 1 is one of the nicest rooms in this house, even if there is a lot of them.

This image from the appraisal shows you a little bit what we walked into. You could see daylight around the door. The heating pipes had a big hole going from the room down to the living room. Room 1 (just like the rest of the rooms) was covered with holes from nails and tacks, left over from when it was a fraternity. The college students seemed to love temporary command hooks, we removed about 1,000 from all over the walls.

This is one of the few rooms that we have pictures of while we were working on it.

Our poor little pup pup didn’t know what to think.

From the looks of the images, you would think it was as simple as painting a few walls. If it was only that easy. Every single room required spray foam, plaster work, etc. You can see all the white patches all over the walls. The molding was also a real challenge especially fun in the tower part. The floor molding was in a huge need of paint. The pine molding was getting so bad that the knot holes were starting to crack and ready to come out.

What it looks like now:

Just like all the rooms in the house the floor needs to be addressed.

In the daytime the tower brings a LOT of light into the room and at night it provides a nice cubby hole to sit and unwind. The room is so large we went with a dark color to make it feel warmer and inviting. There is still a lot of touchups that need to be done but we will get to that when we have more time.

When we moved into room 1, we only had the TV and a mattress on the ground. So, we got a dresser from Facebook marketplace. It’s nice but needs some work and then restored. The table and chairs came from the local bowling alley that was being tore down. A budget bed frame and poof you have a room. I know it’s not much but almost all of our funds are going into the house right now. It still makes a nice place to end the day.

One unexpected thing happened when we were redoing this room.

My better 1/2 and the love of my life tripped over the painting tarp and broke her middle finger. She is on the mend. Until then work on the house has slowed down. You would not understand how much faster things went with her helping.

Just like any support we get from people like you makes work on the house go faster. Just remember that you can always donate to help here.