Room 11 has been stabilized

This is one of the easiest and fastest rooms that we did. Well other than removing all of the gold dots off the wall. Yes, gold dots! We even started to call room 11 “the gold dot room”. Being the first room on the 3rd floor made it fun taking supplies up and down the stairs. This room also had a radiator valve that was stuck closed. Took me awhile to get it opened back up to where the room was getting heat.

We did take a peek above the lowered ceiling it was in OK shape, not the best. There is 3 to 4 feet above the ceiling that can be opened back up at a later date. The roofline is a very unique space. The room can also fit a king size bed and a desk with no issue.

One of our kids had first pick of new rooms because he was in room 8. The room that we had to close off the tower part due to a massive air leak. This meant that room had no windows or a radiator for heat. Since he was taking this room, we let him pick the color. He loved the color we painted in room 3 so much! that he wanted his room painted that color.

Due to the shape of room 11 we had to figure out how we were going to paint it. We decided on just the baseboard and door frame white and then paint the slants the same color of the walls.

Did the normal patching holes, putting foam rope around the carpet to keep out cold air. Also didn’t paint the radiator because that spray paint smells and with the winter, we could not open the windows. So, we will save that for another day.

Now for the big reveal

As you can see our son didn’t waste any time moving into the room. We didn’t even get a chance to get a photo after we painted it. The neat thing about this paint is depending on how much sunlight hits it, is how light or dark the color looks. As you can see from the top it almost looks white.

After all the changes that we made to the room it’s staying nice and toasty. A lot warmer than his old room. Sometimes it even gets too hot. To the point he has to open the door to let it cool off.

We still need to get him a bigger bed, nightstands, and a dresser. There are some nice ones at Big Lots! at very good prices. We just have to wait till we can get some more funds. If you would like to help, we do have a donation page.