Room 3 has been stabilized.

This is one of the smaller rooms in the house, but don’t let it fool you. Room 3 is still a really good size. It also has the start of the turret providing lots of light and wrap around views. Even with all this it was still an undertaking to get done.

The big issue with this room was there was a gap all around the floor in the turret. This house has layers and layers of floor that has been installed one on top of the other. Due to the shape of the turret, they cut the floor shy of getting to the wall. So, we used foam rope to fill the gap to keep the cold weather out. Just like every room in this house, tape, holes and cracks. For some reason they tried to run heavy black coax for TV and internet along the top of the baseboards in every room. That was one of the first things that I removed when working on a room.

The Repairs

We did take some photos while we were working on the room.

The radiator in room 3 looked almost new or was repainted. It was the first one that I decided to leave for now because it still looks good. The molding in the rooms is always an issue. A tower and turret in a room just makes it more fun. I would say something about the condition of the windows, but that is not limited to this house and is a subject for a different post. The lowered ceiling is only around two inches from the real ceiling so I can’t even get up there to see how bad the damage is. Also, they ran electric lines over the dropped ceiling, so it’s going to require an electrician to move the lines before we think of removing them.

The Results

After everything is said and done:

This is another room that we have marked to be a guest room. Don’t let that bed fool you. I found the frame and put a blow-up camping mattress on it for now. I wouldn’t let anybody, or anything sleep on it. It’s just for looks right now. So, this room will need a new bed, nightstand, and a dresser. Like I said before this room is a smaller one but still has room for a full-size king bed in it. Also, the reason for the light color. We didn’t have to worry about it feeling huge and uninviting.

You can see there are no drapes on the windows. The only proper way to do it is to install a track curtain. Priced it out using the same curtains that we have in room 2 and it’s going to run around $200 to $300 for them. Right now, that will buy a lot of paint for the rest of the house, so we are waiting. But if you would like to help, we do have our donation page.