Second Floor Lounge Has Been Stabilized.

With the grand foyer painted it only was right that we continued the paint job on up the stairs. This in most houses this gets overlooked, but I feel that it’s a very important space. It does more than main access to the second floor. The size of ours would make a very nice lounge to read a book or kick back and enjoy the day. But it was in a desperate need of a makeover.

What we started with.

I wish we had a better picture of what we started with. This one is from the appraisal that we had done of the house.

At one time they had a few couches and made it a small sitting place. Here is an image from Zillow before we bought the house.

I don’t know about the futon in front of the rails but in the long run we do plan on turning this into a nice place to sit. That nice size window lets in a lot of light and also leads out to a small sleeping porch and the fire escape. A full-size couch may have not been the best place for that too. Maybe a love seat and a chair? No matter what we do we will have to install an outlet in that area.

The result

Well, here is the grand reveal of the Second Floor Lounge:

The trim on this was a pain in the you know what. Yes, I know the office light and carpet has to go when we can afford it. The baseboards are pine and were replaced at some point. They haven’t been painted in so long that the knot holes were starting to become visible. Then in Victorian houses the second floor never had the fancy moldings. If you look over the railings it gives you a very nice view of the grand stairs.

Yes, just like the grand foyer this space needs a new ceiling, floor and a chandelier. Seems to be a common thread in this house. At least it’s no longer covered in eggshell white, tape and nail holes. You can’t see it from the pictures, but there was a lot of places where the floor and door frames had a gap. This has all been fixed.

This will do for now and no longer makes us cringe when we go upstairs. When we get the funds, we can do more in this space. We found out also that if music is playing in the living room or the dining room you can hear it clear as a bell up here.

If you would like to help or even invest in that loveseat and chair that needs to go in this second-floor lounge you can always follow this link: Donate.