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About the snowflake free decal

It seems that today you have to be overly careful of everything you say or do.  People “identify” as this that and the other.  You have to have the right prefix when addressing someone.  Make ONE mistake and next thing you know your social media is screaming at you from every angle.  I’m not even going to start talking about peoples political views.  I say if society is going to be overly sensitive! people that aren’t that way need a space to vent as well.  It’s only fair.  So now you can declare your own snowflake free zone.

Let people know that in this space you may emit gas, use strong language etc.  If you tell someone that they have nice shoes, your NOT hitting on them, questioning sexual preferences, or even saying that you hate COWS.  You are just being you, and they can be them without anyone getting pissed off.

Or you can get this decal for your grandma that lives in Florida take your pick.

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GreenStar IPV vinyl is part of an exciting new line of products now available from USCutter! GreenStar Intermediate Performance Vinyl (IPV) is a 5-year, calendared vinyl, custom formulated for basic sign use. All colors come in a high gloss finish. Green Star IPV vinyl is great for general purpose interior/exterior graphics of all types including signs, banners, and window graphics. Green Star IPV vinyl has an outdoor lifespan of up to 5 years and is made in USA.

Please note the image is not to scale, see the estimated size please see the exact size in the tab “Additional Information”.  The exact shade of the color may depend on the vinyl we have on hand.

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