We had to add a sign on our house!

When we bought this house, we knew it had a lot of history. After being a fraternity for over 100 years how could it not. A few people in town told me that 1/2 the town may have been conceived in this house. After seeing the house, the first time, we didn’t care. She is a HUGE 8,000 square foot house that had been sitting empty and at risk of getting to the point where it couldn’t be saved. Worst yet! be split up into apartments, an oversized cheap B & B by some flipper.

Living here for the last 5 months I have gotten into a daily routine. I get up at 6:30am and put a bathrobe on, then get my youngest son off to school. Being a father of 5 you have to be a good dad. Then plop down on the couch watch the news and relax before I have to remote in for my job. Thank God my job went remote otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to move into this house. Get dressed and showered after the morning meeting. After work I pick something to work on in the house and kill myself till 1 or 2 am, go to bed and repeat. Over and over.

What happened in front of our house.

Well, this Wednesday I was going through my normal day. My youngest had already left for school and I was taking my, ME time waiting for the time I would have to fire up the computer for my job morning meeting. When there was a lot of NOISE on our front porch!!! I jumped up right in front of the huge picture window. And there… on the other side. Were 4 older people on our porch taking selfies, and on the other side of the glass was some middle aged 53-year-old guy in a bathrobe! Yes, that was me! in the bathrobe. I don’t think I have ever seen so many shocked people in my life!!!

Not sure how anyone else would have handled it. I just went upstairs and waited for them to leave. From now on I make SURE that I get dressed first thing in the morning. I put a sign up on the outside of the house that we don’t mind photos on the front porch and to wait till 11am and they can ring the doorbell and we will let them in and show them the house.

The fix.

So, we sat down this weekend to make a sign to put on the front of the house.

We painted a piece of plywood in high gloss white. Then cut the words out using our vinyl cutter. It was a pain to weed and transfer. After everything we hit it with a few coats of lacquer and hung it up on the porch.

It doesn’t look too bad from the street either.

Only thing left is to pressure spray our porch down. I have no idea why it’s so nasty. That will have to wait until it’s not freezing every day.

If you would like to help us keep this house open to the public, you can donate here.