We would like to thank Kurt and Anders for their donation.

We had two viewers that donated to us on Twitch and we put those donations together to help pay for new light covers in room 2. We would like to take this time to thank them for their donation.

All the outlet covers in the house were very cheap plastic/rubber ones.  Since we are repainting the rooms, we are taking the time to insulate all the outlets/light switches.  We are also replacing all the covers with metal ones that look more the part of a Queen Anne Victorian house (yes, we know they didn’t have these types of outlets back then, LOL).  Then we put safety covers on all the outlets to keep cold air coming through the sockets.  We aren’t only doing this for looks but also for energy savings and the comfort of anyone staying in that room.  These will go a long way in preserving this house for many years to come.

Our plans for room 2 is a guest room for anyone that wishes to stay the night at 30 Elm St, Potsdam.  This maybe family, other streamers, band members or even fans of the house.

We have added their names to the donation page and feel free to stop by our Twitch and thank them.