Twitch Stream Upgrades

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1. Keep updating the public discord description with info on the stream.

    a.    One place the viewers can find info on the next stream.

2. Mount the mic on the wall and get it off my desk.

    a.    Keyboard way to loud.

3. Find a way to setup a dedicated streaming PC with 2 monitors.

    a.    So, my PC does not slow down the stream.
    b.    More CPU power for the stream.
    c.    Use to display chat (the ubuntu box is junk).
    d.    Move blue iris to this computer.
    e.    Wireless keyboard and mouse.

4. RTXvoice for better audio. 5. On closeup cam put our names. 6. Clean up the scenes.

    a.    Cams not centered etc.

7. About to go live scene. 8. Goodbye scene. 9. Full size camera scene for both me and Goth. 10. Goth desktop included on the stream. 11. Cam setup for a studio view. 12. Kitchen Cam/3d printer. 13. Background music. 14. Remove clutter. 15. More things for the viewers to do/interact with. 16. Bring back giveaways!!!