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Welcome to Tectuma

We are not your normal run of the mill developers
and we do not plan on Tectuma being your run of the mill game.

Then you probably got that for the fact that we are going to be making the game FREE with none of the normal money grabbing that most places do. We are very passionate about making a game that WE want to play, but more that we want to build a community of players that share a dream. The dream of the game that is supported by the community without all the money grabbing, false promises, hype and outright lies that the gaming community has become the norm.

Tectuma started with a simple idea. An open-ended space MMORPG that allowed you to do what you want. We provide the environment and you as the player decided on how to use it. From that starting point we decided to see if what we wanted in a game was even possible. For five years, we spent trying to find a game engine that would support this idea.

You know you are doing game development all wrong?
If you are thinking about the cookie cutter practice of years of planning, finding funding then starting a bunch of hype with little teasers of what we may or may not be developing, release a buggy early access four or five years down the road and try to soak up every penny you can from your players.

How are you going to support this game if it's FREE?
We are turning to our community for support and with this comes great responsibility. Any donations we receive go back into the making of Tectuma. Also, we are very frugal with how we spend to downright cheap. We are considering other revenue sources such as sponsorship, and in game-ads. At all cost we are going to keep this game FREE for all.