Welcome to Tectuma…

We are building a space massive online role-playing sandbox with a huge focus on community.  OK that was a mouthful.  To make it simple we are building a game that we want to play and best of all we are making it available to everyone for free and we are building it live!  Well that was not so simple let me go into some more detail.

100% Free…

Yes, the game will be free.  No paywall, downloadable content, pay to win, cripple ware, loot boxes, early access or any other way you can think of that modern AAA game studios go after every dollar you have.  We don’t believe in this.  The support for this game comes from donations from players and other revenue sources such as our live stream.  Later, in game advertisement and sponsorship’s when and if needed.  Sure, we will not become rich but that is not why we are doing this.

Development of Tectuma…

When will the game be released? We plan on having a “bare minimum product” live soon. What this means is you will be able to make an account, make a character, and run around in one hanger. We also believe in being completely transparent in our development of the game. So, we stream live our development process. Followers and /or players can checkout what we are working on, and everyday or two we will do a push to our production servers. This allows instant feedback and also a direct line of communication between the developers and you.

Stream times:
Eastern Standard Time
9:30pm to 1:30am Monday through Friday
Weekends vary.
( Due to life happens)

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To say that we are a small team would be an understatement.  It is made up of mostly family members, with one outside developer.  We are following a dream of making a game that we want to play.  To many games now a days  forget the most important thing the community!   We put the community first, to the point they are part of the development process.

Yes making a game is a huge ordeal.  Our approach is that it is not about getting the game done, so much as the experience that everyone gains along the way.  So sit back and watch a husband and wife team with 5 kids build a space MMORPG right in front of you.