We changed our webpage and it’s awesome!

A webpage is the first look and feel people get when checking out a project.  Think of it as dressing up before a big date.

Very Dated.

The last time we redid the website we were still using the Unreal game engine.  So all the media etc were taken with Unreal and didn’t represent what the game looks like today.  The bad news is that we don’t have that many pictures or videos from this build so that is something that we will need to work on.

Hard to change.

I built the old site myself using boot strap.  It wasn’t that hard and I could make the site look and feel like I wanted.  With this being said everything was hard coded and with no GUI interface any changes made were just a pain.  Also if I wanted to add some cool new item it was a nightmare and would require almost a days worth of work.

At first I was dead set not to go with a can ham solution like WordPress.  My personal feeling is that programs like this are bloated and have way to much overhead for what we need.

About the new webpage.

About our new page!  We decided to go with WordPress.  This will allow for better, faster changes.  Also all kinds of new things I can add, not to say anything about SEO and analytics builtin.  Time will be needed for me to add them.

One of the biggest things I am going to enjoy about this! is the post.  This way I can add new content to our site almost everyday.  New content means more of a reason to come visit the site!

Why are we so worried about the website.

After looking at our old sites, Google Analytics, our views! were extremely low.  We could of had pictures of shaved cats on our site. The more people that come to our site, the more the word gets out about our project.  This also means more support.  Best of all we can do more for our game and our players and /or followers.  That is why we were so worried.  So yes we did it all for YOU!