Sick and Oxygen not included. Strange combo

I tend not to have a lot of free time for gaming but I have been hearing a lot about this game Oxygen not included.  But what do you do when you get sick.  I used this time as an opportunity and got the game Oxygen not included.

Why did I pick this game?

What brought me to pick this one over the 100 of other games out there.  Well their is only two games that I regularly play, Fallout shelter and Clash of Clans.  Both of these games I can play on my phone and they only take around 10 to 15 minutes a day.  It’s a good way to pass some time on the train when I’m not sleeping to and from work.  Even those games I don’t play the way you intended to.  Face it in Clash of Clans I  have never ever attacked anyone.  This game seem like a wonderful fit.

How does Oxygen not included play.

Within a few minutes after installing the game I was addicted.  When you first start out you only have three minions to give orders to.  Everything seems simple at the start.  Dig here, clean this mess up, build this and they are off doing the things that you told them to.  Soon your adding beds, bathrooms, and all kinds of stuff for your little people.  As time passes things get more complex.  It reminds me of a game of Othello where it only takes a few seconds to learn but years to master.  Every time you turn around you find something new that you didn’t know about.  Next you lookup hours and hours have passed.


Before I start let me say this is almost perfect and you have to be super critical to find any fault.  My main complaints would be two places where the game freezes (only if you have been playing a long time keep in mind).  One would be when you pick a new minion to run around.   This is probably a small bit of code that needs to be optimized.  And when you save a game but then the amount of data that is compiling through that is understandable.

One last small little issue.  I’m done being sick and going back to my day to day and they are releasing a new update to the game.  So no new in game stuff for me.  I’m hoping that maybe this weekend I will get a chance to check it out, we will see.

Where you can get the game: Oxygen_Not_Included on the steam store.

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Full Disclosure.

I bought this game with my own cash and no way affiliated with the game or steam.  It was worth it.  Also spent many hours playing why sick and wasn’t disappointed.  Still can’t believe that full disclosures are still needed in this day and age.