DevDog’s Inventory pro Review by Tec

Why we are using Inventory Pro.

We tried many different inventory systems and they all seemed to fall short of what we needed.  Then we stumble upon Inventory Pro by DevDog.  At first glance it looked cool but we have been fooled before by slick websites and cool videos.  With the price tag of $65.00 (at the time of writing this) and 5 stars with lots of reviews we thought we would give it a shot.


After we imported it into our project installing the package was just a matter of following the video on DevDog’s website, it was not long before we had a complete and I do mean complete inventory system in our project.   We had vendors and could drop stuff in the world too.  One issue that we ran into (more of our fault) right after we imported a few packages there was  ambiguous references in his code this was fixed by just making sure that it was pointed to DevDog and not Unity3d code.  This issue wasn’t caused by DevDog but by one of the packages from a different vendor that we imported. There probably is a better way to do this but this worked.


Keep in mind we are doing a MMORPG and our system is not the most simplest out there.  Inventory pro was made for a single player game but from what I understand the next version will have networking built in using unet or something like that.  Still would not of helped us.

There is a LOT of documentation on his site and even more in the forums.  It will point you in the right direction.  Sometimes it can be a tad frustrating to get it to bend to your will.  Me I like to dig my heels in and figure out how things work rather than cut and paste.  Besides it gives you a lot better idea what is going on under the hood rather than having it handed to you.

One thing to watch out for is if your trying to do something and your hitting a wall take a step back and re-look at the package.  10 to 1 it’s already built into inventory pro and there is a very simple way to leverage it.  Inventory pro is very comprehensive.

This all being said it is still worth ten times what we paid for it.  If we were just skinning it for a single player game then it would have went in without issues.  But then we are taking the hard road and taking it to the next level.

The Developer DevDog.

If your having issues, problems, questions, and/or just want to say HI.  Reach out to him and you will be heard.  To me this speaks loads about the developer and the work they do.  If they are willing to support the package and work with you it’s well worth any amount of cash your going to spend on a package.  There is nothing worse than getting deep into coding and finding out there is no support.  DevDog also just started their own discord where it is easy to find others that may have faced the same things you are right now and help.

More goodies.

Right now till Sunday 11/26/2017 DevDog has his Odin package on sale from $45.00 marked down to $22.50.  This is a package of his that we don’t own, but if it’s anything like his other packages it’s worth every cent.

In conclusion

I would personally recommend this Inventory pro to anyone.  It’s the best I have found.  It’s well thought out easy to use and has support second to none.  All this with added plugins for not only other packages they make but also for third party software.  If you need an inventory system save yourself some time and effort and check this one out.

Link to the package: DevDog Inventory Pro on the Unity3d Asset Store

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Full Disclosure

We bought this package.  I have talked to the developer a few times about issues.  Also tweeted him, and have always found the developer friendly and approachable.  I am no way associated with this developer or received anything for this review.  We do use this package and other packages from DevDog in our game.