Best way to support your favorite small twitch streamer.

This subject was brought up on our stream about supporting your favorite streamer.  There are a lot of different ways that you can support your favorite small twitch streamer some are better than others.  So how should you do it?  There are pro’s and con’s so lets look at a few.

This looks at this subject from the view of a small streamer.  Large streamers funds are just drops in the bucket.  To a small streamer your support makes a HUGE difference and can make a big difference in their life.  This is also a subject that a lot of streamers shy away from because at times it can feel like begging for tips.  At the same time everyone has to eat.


This may not sound like much you wouldn’t understand how much this helps and it cost nothing.  When they stream watch them.  Twitch keeps track of how many people are viewing the channel.  The more viewers the more chance they will get partnership or affiliated.  Both of these can provide additional revenue for your streamer.  Even if you toss up their stream in a browser and have it on in the background it counts.

Streaming can be a demanding task.  Sitting on the camera day after day finding things to do or say.  So by interacting with the streamer makes it a lot easier.  Large streamers usually have a set rundown on what they are going to do and how they are going to do it.  Your small streamers are playing it by ear.  They don’t have a Writer, staff, and/or outside support they are doing everything by them self.  So asking questions, telling them they are doing a good job and/or even having a conversation with them helps make their stream more interesting for all.

The big thing is how many viewers the streamer has also affects their channel rating and where it shows up on the list.  Higher on the list the easier it is for others to find the stream.  The more viewers will come in the channel.  So you can see it can become a snowballing affect.  Trust me any streamer worth anything will value each and every viewer they get.

Getting the word out.

This cost no money on your part but helps.  Tell your friends, family, groups and/or neighbor.  It’s all about getting the number of viewers up.  More viewers the more funds come in for the streamer it’s that simple.  Just don’t do anything that will give the streamer a bad rap such as going into other people’s streams and try to get them to go to the other stream.


When you subscribe $4.99 goes to the channel but, twitch takes 1/2 of that so each subscription only $2.495 of that goes to the streamer.  That may seem small but every dollar helps.  Besides it adds up.  So if you have 10 subscribers now the streamer is making $24.95 a month.  Programs like amazon prime have deals where you can subscribe to one streamer on twitch for free and it doesn’t cost you a dime.


For every 100 bits the streamer gets $1.00.  So every bit is like a penny.  Once more this doesn’t sound like much but at the same time it adds up over time.  Besides if you donate a bit, sometimes that will cause others to donate bits to.  If you don’t have the funds to buy bits you can always watch ad’s in twitch that will give you a few bits that you can toss at your streamer.


This is the most direct route that you can take to support a streamer.  Most will have a Paypal link, ever wonder why?  Because when you donate to their paypal they get the funds that day or the next.  Paypal takes a small percentage of the funds but at the same time that is a small price to pay if it means that by tomorrow they can put those funds to good use.  This is the BEST way if you want to get funds into the hands of your streamer right NOW.


We set up a Patreon a long time ago but didn’t have any luck with it so we ended up taking it back down.  I don’t know the in and out’s of it at this time so I can’t comment on it.

Buying loot from the streamer (cafe press)

Cafe press allows people to set up drop shipping online stores.  What this means is the streamer can make shirts and other items with their logo on it.  Post it to an online store on cafe press.  When a viewer buys a shirt a very small part of the price of that shirt goes to the streamer.  Like a dollar or two.  At the same time the shirt is shipped right to the viewer.  We had one setup but the return was less than stellar so we ended up taking it back down.  Still like the idea so we may be putting one back up.

Commission programs.

Amazon and other companies have commission programs where the streamer advertises a product and if a viewer buys that product then the streamer get some funds for that sale.  This also we haven’t tried so I can’t comment to much on it.

Buy or Send them things.

Some places like amazon have (WISH LIST’S) that streamers can sign up for.  Then when a viewer pays for it, it’s shipped right to the streamer.  Also if you ask some streamers will have a mailing address that you can send them something.  Now don’t be a creeper/stalker and hunt down their home address or if they don’t have a mailing address don’t be demanding about it.  But receiving something from a viewer can mean a lot.  From something small like a letter, art, or pizza to huge items that they can showcase on the stream.  It shows their viewer’s care, and also can provide more content for the stream itself.

Just for GOD – SAKE don’t show up at their house unless you are invited.  I can’t believe i even have to say this.  This is extremely creepy/stalker type of behavior and very scary to boot.  Even if you are dropping stuff off for them.  Everyday the streamer is sharing a part of themselves with you.  By showing up! you are invading what privacy they have.  This can and has caused streamers to quit and/or get the law enforcement involved.


This is the holy grail for a streamer.  It can mean big funds that can make a streamer and provide a much needed boost or big ticket items that make a huge difference in the stream.  Most of the time it takes the shape of we will give you X amount of dollars to plug our stuff or we will buy you a chair, mic, etc if you show it on your stream.  This is a huge boost for the streamers.  When this starts your little streamer is getting big.

The difference between partnership and affiliated.


Twitch added the affiliated program to add a middle ground between just streaming and partnership.  This lets streamers have a subscribe button, bits and a few other nice things.  There are a few downsides with this.

According to the terms of service the streamer is not allowed to multi stream to facebook, youtube, and other streaming services.  Any videos of the stream can’t be uploaded till 24 hours.  So once affiliated the streamer is dependent on Twitch.  Yes I know some streamers still do it but they are risking their Affiliate and chance to get Partnered.

Twitch will not make a payment to the streamer until 3 months after the funds reach $100.  So if you just gave a small streamer $20 in bits and it takes 4 more months till other revenue’s push that total up to $100.  It would be a total of 7 months before the streamer sees any of it.


When your streamer makes partnership with twitch they have reached the size that Twitch takes notice.  At this point they probably have the viewers that they started doing it full time or starting to consider it.  This being said they still have to wait for 2 months instead of 3 for the funds.  At this point they start getting ad review from twitch.  This may not amount to much but the amount of active viewers required for Partnership probably means they have a steady flow of income already coming in.

Supporting is caring.

Small streamers are streaming for the LOVE of it because they WANT to. Not because they have to. Sure there are some that see it as a chance to make BIG money and some do.  But most small streamers if they would figure the hours they put in and then decided it from what comes in as donations they would make more working at the local grocery store.  So every little bit of support helps.  Even if it’s only a token, or a thank you.

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