Easy Save Review by Tec – Saving made easy

To say that building a massive multiplayer online role playing game is complicated would be an understatement.  So anything I can leverage to make my life easier the better.  When we got our inventory system there was a hookup to use the Easy Save system.  I took a good look at Easy Save and found that it allowed you to save using the web to a database it was a easy yes.  Easy Save made saving well, Easy.

You can find Easy Save on the Unity3D asset store here.

Easy Use.

After downloading the package then following the instructions to link it to our inventory system within five minutes we had our inventory saving to a file.  Easy, fast and simple.  But wait this is a MMO so saving it local is not a good idea.  It is a VERY VERY bad idea.  For a normal game this would be all fine and dandy though.  It was a good thing that it only took five minutes because we were streaming the entire thing.

Here is where we got into trouble!

Let me start off by saying this by no means is any issue with Easy Save.  Out of the box it works as smooth as silk.  Our game’s back end and requirements are just very complicated that is all.  I found documents on the web on how to link easy save to MySQL.  I found documents on how to use Easy Save to Inventory pro.  But no documents on how to link our character system to SpatialOS to Inventory pro to Easy Save to MySQL.  Why would we, this is a system that we are building.  After fighting with the system for a day or two I decided to email the developer and get some help.

MOODKIE the saving super hero!

I was trying to do something that I thought was simple.  Easy Save was already passing a user name and password in a post to the web server.  All I wanted to do is add to that and pass the players email address and the character slot right along with that info.  But nothing I did would work.  So sending a email to the developer seemed like a logical idea.

The first email we received just said that Easy Save was not designed that way.  Our hearts sank.  Our easy fix for saving Inventory Pro items was out the window.  Then that very day we get the second email from Moodkie but here are new scripts to add that ability.  Wait what, the developer took time out to add function to there package just for one person that bought it?  We installed the new scripts and as I tend to do I over complicated trying to use it.  So off to email I went feeling a little bit like a heal.  His fix was so simple to use.

We ran into a few other issues and all along the way Moodkie was there holding our hand helping.  Like I have said many times in the past this is the sign of a great developer and package.  It shows that they care about the very program they wrote and you can see it in the support as well as their code.

Final Thoughts on Easy Save

It is worth every single penny!  If you need a way to save data and don’t want to spend the time rolling your own this is the package for you.  Easy to install, lots of support and it can do a lot.  The only bad thing I can say and this would be nit picking would be that right now it is using MD5 for encryption (needs to be updated) and that it saves as a blob in MySQL.  The blob is understandable considering from Easy Saves point it has no idea what your going to save and this is the best thing to use as a catch all (Just something to be aware of).  MD5 just needs to be updated if your going to be using it.  Should be a easy fix.  But like I said this would be nit picking.  If we did have a scoring system I would give this package a 15 out of 10.

Full Disclosure

We bought this package and had no ties with Easy Save or any of it’s developers.  We are not getting anything for this review and we are just tossing it out there.  I still can’t believe that I have to put this.  Anyone that knows me knows that I speak my mind LOL.

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