Why is 3D Printing important.

Right before Christmas I got my hands on a 3d Printer.  It is something that I have always wanted to play with.  Understand that I had 4 years of drafting back in high school.  Using Fusion 360 I had things up and running in no time.  Now I understand why 3D Printing is becoming the next big thing for businesses and home use.

How did I become interested in 3D printing?

I always enjoyed drafting but it was not until I started using cad and 3d graphic programs that I thought it would be cool if you could hold what you make.  At that time 3D printers were way out of the price range but for the largest of companies.  At one time I even tried a program that would turn a model into a paper origami version.  Still was not the same.

Finding a need.

My better 1/2 likes Kurig k cups coffee but hates the clutter.  We have tried other holders for her k cups but have not found any that we like.  I have been printing a lot of things off Thingiverse and decided to try designing my own.  So I got a personal license of Fusion 360 and decided to give it a go.  I found out that there is a learning curve with the program but after a quick you-tube search I was off to the races.

Where the 3D printer comes in handy.

First thing I did is print a small cross section of my idea just to make sure that it would work.  Now 3D printers are not fast.  It took over an hour to print but, at least now I had an idea if I should proceed.  After that I went ahead and made the main body and printed out two sections.  It took a whopping 13 hours to print.  Once done I cleaned off all the supports, and held the pieces in my hands.  Right off the bat I found 2 issues.  Without printing it I would never found the issues.  So now proceeding with the design I can go back and correct it while it is still easy to do it.

Where is the kurig k Cup Holder now?

Well I still need to go back and correct it, and will do as soon as I get time.  I look forward to not having boxes of kurig k cups sitting around on the shelf, mounted on the wall and still easy to get to.  The bad news is considering the time it takes to print them it would be impossible to print them to sell.  But for printing a few of them for the house is doable.  The best thing is being able to see a proof of concept and see what you make work.

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