My brother is engaged!

When my brother told me that he was going to propose to his girl friend on New Years, I thought it was about time.  She is perfect for him and they are so good together.  So I decided to help him make it an extra special occasion.  This is how I helped my brother with getting engaged. 

 Before he got engaged.

First thing I did was send him to thingiverse to look at the items that are there.  Well considering that she is a huge Harry Potter fan we found a golden snitch that was converted into a ring box.  Both of us could not think of a better engagement ring box for her.  The only filament I had on hand was this pinkish red.  My brother went right to amazon and after a little looking found a filament with golden flakes in it that would only take a few days to get to us.

Why Wait?

Considering that we did not have much time and I decided to print it in the pinkish red anyway.  Opening up Cura I dropped the files onto the virtual build plate.  A few minutes after hitting print the print head started moving.  I let the printer run over night and the next morning it was done.  Getting it off the build plate was easy.  That is when I discovered our first issue.  The bottom of the ring box needed to be glued together.  We had no glue, in the house.

The day before he was leaving to get engaged.

I had managed to grab some super glue from the food store and the gold filament didn’t come in till the day before.  I was cutting it close.  Loading up the new filament, I started the new print.  That is about the time I got the text message from my brother he was headed home with his girl.  If I stopped the print it would not get done in time.  So I did the only thing I could think of I grabbed a box and some tape and made blind around the printer so that you could not see what was printing.  I got it done just in time when she got here and was very lucky she didn’t see it.

It was very late at night when the print got done.  I pulled the parts off the build plate and started putting it together.  That is when the hinge snapped.  It seemed the gold filament printed a little different than the pinkish red.  That is the nice thing about a 3D printer.  I just went back and printed a new hinge just a little smaller and we were back in business.

The day he got engaged.

I was not there when he gave her the golden snitch but from what they told me it was a huge hit.  Not only that they also got a nice keepsake to remember the occasion.  I am just very happy for them and glad that I could help make their special day that much more special.  At least he didn’t take my advice and toss the snitch into the air and tell her that she had to catch it (just kidding)

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