The death of cameras!

Film Cameras…

Every once in awhile something comes across my path that is a game changer.  Growing up I remember everyone had a 35 millimeter cameras that they would pull out on special occasions and birthdays.  After taking your picks you would mail them off to be developed and in a few weeks, (if everything went OK) you might get your pictures back.  If you wanted copies you would have to mail the negatives in  for more.

Digital Cameras…

When digital cameras it was a vast improvement.  You could see your results to make sure you got a good picture.  When I first got one you could tell things where changing.  No longer was I worried about how many pitches I had left int the camera.  Come to think of it I never picked up a film camera after that.  Best of all if you had a color printer you can make as many copies as you want.

When these cameras came out they where very expensive and the quality was not that good.  It did not take long for the price to become dirt cheep and the quality was as good as a regular film camera.  Soon they ended on on phones and now everyone has one.

Say hello to 360 degree Cameras!

I managed to get my hands on a cheep 360 degree camera.  Yes the quality is not the best but you can see the  potential.  At first it was more of a toy.  Once I got the hang of it, that game changing feeling came back.  When I take a picture I am no longer worried about if I have the subject in the center of the frame.  There is no place to hide from the camera.  Front, back, sides, top and bottom are all captured.  I can check the image on the phone.  At any time I can center my subject just where I want it and make a normal picture.  I can also leave it a 360 degree picture and who ever views it can now look around from the perspective of where the camera was.

Hold the left mouse button down over the image and drag the mouse to move the image around.  Your mouse wheel will zoom in and out.

It does not stop with just images.  When you make a 360 degree video, when you watch it you feel like you where there.  You can look around check out what ever you want.  It is so much more immersive than a normal video.

You can find examples of video’s I have taken here:

Past to future.

I still remember going over to a family members house and they would pull out the dreaded photo album.  Page after page of people and faces that you may or may not recognize.  With 360 degree videos you now get to spend a few minutes with the person in a moment of time.  This is going to make those baby photos a lot more interesting, now if we can only get them to put a 360 degree camera on a iPhone.