Family food shopping with Dylan in long island.

We decided to take our 360 degree camera food shopping with us.  This is always a adventure with our family.

The entire reason I am making these videos, is for the same reason most people have a photo album.  A way to look back at a moment of time.  The only big difference is I decided to share them.  If you would like to help out you can donate here:

Food shopping can be a challenge but is always a blast.  Dylan loves to take over the cart and be his typical self.  The twins are a big help keeping him roped in and getting stuff off the shelves (My back and knees are not what they use to be).

If our shopping habits confuse you here is why.  We do not have a oven right now that limits things.  Price has to be low.  The twins did want a coconut because they never had a real one so we ended up getting one.  We also got some school supplies here because I could not fit my truck in Staples parking lot.  So ya we are all over the place.

I did let Dylan run around a little more than normal.  I was tired after work and he was having a blast so why not.  Besides he was not hurting any thing or bugging anyone.  I am hoping to get a video of the entire family food shopping soon.  Nick was at a friends house, Brandon was working and Stacie did not want to go out in the heat.  So maybe next time.

Sorry about the quality we are still getting recording with the 360 camera down.  One thing we learned was you have to keep finger prints off the camera lens.  This is the issue with all the glare when facing the back of the cart.  From now on I will carry a micro fiber cloth with me.  As far as the video resolution goes  it may be dropping when I change the video format this is something I have to work on.