I am losing my job on January 26. So, having a good time tonight.

Today (My day job), closed the New York office.  This is the reason we were acting a little funny the last few days, because we kind of thought they were going to do this.  No severance pay.  Just thanks for your time and there is the door.  I was kind of lucky.  They are keeping me on till January 26 to pack up the office, etc.  With 5 kids right before Christmas kind of a bitter pill to swallow.  Tonight, blowing off steam, drinking, smoking my cig’s and working on Tectuma.

Stacie is shaken.  Me? After working there over 10 years and this is how it ends?  Not mad, not upset.  Just the heck with everything this weekend, I am having a good time.  I think I need this.  I will worry about where the pieces fall some other time.  So if you want to chill with us, blast some good music and tell the world to go to #$%! come and join us at https://www.twitch.tv/tectuma   Just PLEASE understand what is going on, and be ready for some wild/crazy streams for the next few days.

Easy Save Review by Tec – Saving made easy


To say that building a massive multiplayer online role playing game is complicated would be an understatement.  So anything I can leverage to make my life easier the better.  When we got our inventory system there was a hookup to use the Easy Save system.  I took a good look at Easy Save and found that it allowed you to save using the web to a database it was a easy yes.  Easy Save made saving well, Easy.

You can find Easy Save on the Unity3D asset store here.

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DevDog’s Inventory pro Review by Tec

Inventory pro by DevDog Review for Unity3d

Why we are using Inventory Pro.

We tried many different inventory systems and they all seemed to fall short of what we needed.  Then we stumble upon Inventory Pro by DevDog.  At first glance it looked cool but we have been fooled before by slick websites and cool videos.  With the price tag of $65.00 (at the time of writing this) and 5 stars with lots of reviews we thought we would give it a shot.

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Loot Boxes and Micro-transactions Beating a Dead Horse

Loot Boxes and Micro-transactions

It seems that more and more on the news, YouTube and Reddit you hear people screaming about companies turning loved games into nightmares with loot boxes and micro transactions.  There is also hundreds of videos, post and stories etc about how bad it is.  My question is how the heck did anyone ever think Loot Boxes and Micro-transactions was a good idea?

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