DevDog’s Inventory pro Review by Tec

Inventory pro by DevDog Review for Unity3d

Why we are using Inventory Pro.

We tried many different inventory systems and they all seemed to fall short of what we needed.  Then we stumble upon Inventory Pro by DevDog.  At first glance it looked cool but we have been fooled before by slick websites and cool videos.  With the price tag of $65.00 (at the time of writing this) and 5 stars with lots of reviews we thought we would give it a shot.

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Streaming software you need and they are all free….

Live Stream

I still remember the first day we started streaming.  We sat down with OBS trying to figure out all the different settings, hours spent trying to fine tune and get things setup.  Things have changed so much it’s not funny.  Thought I would give a quick guide on what I think is a good starting place! software wise for streamers.  Everything I am going to list will be free.  This is just my opinion. Continue reading “Streaming software you need and they are all free….”