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Welcome to 30 Elm St.
Long story short. We found this 12 bedroom 8,000 sq ft Queen Anne Victorian that had been on the market over a year and decided to go for it. We sold our current house. Used every penny we had to buy it. Please join us on our adventure of bringing her back to the beautiful lady she was meant to be.

Please understand the renovations are going to be slow going and based on the amount of funds we have to do them. I plan on doing 90% of the labor with my kids but materials and tools can be costly. We plan on streaming, videoing and documenting the repairs that are done too. This can slow things down but at the same time will allow everyone to be a part of it.

I do apologize in advance for the video quality once we start recording. We planned on getting a insta360 x3, but after closing I couldn't even get a snickers bar, LOL. So we will be using whatever we have for now.

Also the newspaper articles in this wiki the text was scanned. So there is a lot of misspelling to down right gibberish. After we get them all in we will be going back through and fixing them. So far we have gone thru less than .01% of what we have found on the house.

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