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Today’s Challenge: Room 8 Renovation at Our Airbnb

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Today was a productive day at our Airbnb. I jumped straight from my day job into a significant renovation project in Room 8. Our goal was clear: dismantle the outdated and cumbersome lowered ceiling that was taking away from the room’s potential.

Overcoming Unexpected Challenges

The task at hand involved removing all the supports from the previously lowered ceiling, which proved more challenging than expected. The process was tricky, particularly when the lower fluorescent light nearly fell on us. The older fluorescent light above was even more daunting; it was anchored deeply into the old ceiling with shanks, making its removal a hefty task that unfortunately resulted in a minor ceiling tear.

Navigating Electrical Issues

During the demolition, I discovered that the wiring to the old lights seemed to be disconnected. However, to ensure safety and compliance, I am planning to trace the wires back thoroughly. We also noted the absence of a light box—a crucial component that we’ll need to install going forward.

Preparing for Drywall Installation with the Room 8 Renovation

The next step in Room 8’s transformation is acquiring drywall to rectify the prior inadequate installation. This step is essential not only for the structural integrity but also for the aesthetic appeal of the room, aiming to make it more inviting for our guests.

Tackling Outdoor Maintenance

In addition to our indoor activities, we addressed some outdoor maintenance needs due to our lawn growing unruly. We’ve secured someone to manage the lawn care and potentially assess our tower for maintenance, which could involve climbing high to evaluate its condition.


Today’s efforts in renovating and maintaining both the interior and exterior of our property are crucial steps towards enhancing our Airbnb’s appeal and safety. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to tackle each challenge, ensuring our property remains a perfect retreat for our guests.

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