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The Story of Our Victorian Sofa Rescue

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This weekend’s find was not just a piece of furniture—it was a rescue mission steeped in history. Amidst our usual renovations and a bustling Airbnb. We embarked on a journey to rescue a Victorian sofa from a fate worse than neglect—total abandonment.

Weekend Drywall Project and Hospitality at Our Airbnb

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This Memorial weekend was all about making significant progress on the house, blending hard work with moments of hospitality and remembrance. We tackled a challenging drywall project on the third floor and welcomed familiar faces for a catch-up.

Progress Update: Full House, Historic Tours, and Airbnb Renovation

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It’s been an exceptionally busy week at our Airbnb, filled with ongoing renovations, a fully booked house, and moments of historical enrichment. We’ve balanced guest hospitality with significant upgrades, and even found time for family moments amidst the flurry of activity.

A Busy Weekend of Renovations and Celebrations at Our Airbnb

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This past weekend was a whirlwind of activity at our Airbnb. We didn’t get a chance to post updates because we were fully engaged in various renovations and preparations. Despite having a full house with all rooms booked, we managed to accomplish a great deal.

Today’s Challenge: Room 8 Renovation at Our Airbnb

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Today was a productive day at our Airbnb. I jumped straight from my day job into a significant renovation project in Room 8. Our goal was clear: dismantle the outdated and cumbersome lowered ceiling that was taking away from the room’s potential.

A Refreshing Weekend Break at Our Cozy Airbnb

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This past weekend, we decided to have a cozy Airbnb weekend and pause on our ongoing house improvements to enjoy some much-needed downtime at our charming Airbnb. Instead of our usual renovation activities, we opted for a relaxing anime marathon and quality time with our guests.