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Home » Drywall Installation Airbnb: Equipping Room 8 on the Third Floor

Drywall Installation Airbnb: Equipping Room 8 on the Third Floor

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Tonight, we prepared for a significant renovation in Room 8 of our Airbnb. Located on the third floor, by gathering all the necessary supplies for drywall installation.

Securing the Supplies for Room 8

Our evening involved a substantial haul, including six 4×8 sheets of drywall, twelve 8-foot furring strips, two large boxes of drywall screws, a couple of electrical boxes, wire staples, a drywall square, and more. These tools and materials are crucial for our Drywall Installation Airbnb project in Room 8.

Challenges of the Third Floor Drywall Installation

The logistics of moving all these materials to Room 8 on the third floor was a daunting task. Navigating the winding hallways and stairs of the old house with bulky, heavy supplies proved to be a significant challenge. By the end, our energy was spent, but our spirits remained high, ready for the next phase.

Teaching Drywall Skills in Room 8

I am looking forward to teaching my kids how to install drywall, sharing skills that I honed during my decade in construction. This project provides a perfect hands-on learning opportunity for them, blending practical skills with family heritage.

In Need of a Drywall Lift for the Drywall Installation

To facilitate the installation of drywall in Room 8, we are currently seeking a drywall lift. This tool is essential for safely and efficiently placing drywall sheets on the high walls and ceilings of Room 8. If anyone has one we could borrow for a few days, it would be greatly appreciated. Without it, our job becomes significantly more challenging.


This project is more than just renovation; it’s about passing down skills, restoring a cherished space, and making Room 8 a highlight of our Airbnb. We are excited to continue this journey and share our progress as we transform Room 8 into a beautifully renovated retreat.

You can see more of our renovation efforts on our website.