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A Busy Weekend of Renovations and Celebrations at Our Airbnb

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This past weekend was a whirlwind of activity at our Airbnb. We didn’t get a chance to post updates because we were fully engaged in various renovations and preparations. Despite having a full house with all rooms booked, we managed to accomplish a great deal.

Friday’s Progress and Preparations

  • Ceiling Overhaul: We began by removing the lowered ceiling tiles in the 3rd floor lobby. To assess any underlying damage, setting the stage for further repairs.
  • Lawn Care and More: We settled up with James for mowing the lawn. Then had him evaluate the tower for a potential trim job. He’s scheduled to return early next week to tackle this task.
  • Mother’s Day Prep: We spent the evening shopping for dinners. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we prepared treats to ensure the weekend would be special for everyone involved.

Saturday’s Renovation Rush

  • Trip to Amish Territory: Our morning started with a drive to an Amish lumber store. We pick up 1×6 boards for trim. It was a significant drive that also allowed me to show Stacie and Cody where I work.
  • Temporary Fixes and Cleanups: Back at the house, we installed a temporary ceiling light in Room 8 and cleaned up the mess from the previous day’s demolition. Stacie excelled at organizing and tidying up, which is crucial since I tend to leave a trail of debris!

Sunday’s Renovations Final Touches

  • Drywall Preparation: A trip to Lowe’s helped us secure all the necessary tools for the upcoming drywall mud work, including a drywall screw drill and a router.
  • Setup for James: We made sure to tack up all loose wires in Room 8 and prepared detailed instructions and materials for James, ensuring he has everything he needs for a smooth operation.
  • Flagpole Renewal: We also took the time to replace the rope and flag on our flagpole, refreshing the front of the house with new, vibrant colors.
  • Evening Relaxation: To wind down, we had Pascal over for dinner and enjoyed an episode of Star Trek Discovery, a perfect end to a productive weekend.


Balancing a fully booked Airbnb with extensive renovations and family activities isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Stacie and the kids were fantastic, keeping everything running smoothly and ensuring our guests felt at home. This weekend was a true testament to our family’s dedication and hard work, and we’re excited to share more of our journey as we continue improving our Airbnb. Stay tuned for more updates on our projects and guest experiences!

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