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Progress Update: Full House, Historic Tours, and Airbnb Renovation

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It’s been an exceptionally busy week at our Airbnb Renovation. Filled with ongoing renovations, a fully booked house, and moments of historical enrichment. We’ve balanced guest hospitality with significant upgrades, and even found time for family moments amidst the flurry of activity.

Full House and Historical Insights

  • Lively Weekend: With the Airbnb fully booked, we navigated a bustling atmosphere while continuing with renovations. The dynamic environment energizes our efforts.
  • Historical Tour: We gave a tour to a college student interested in the history of our house, providing a deep dive into the unique stories and heritage that mark our property.

Specific Renovations

  • Tower Trim Updates: We focused on interior enhancements this week, particularly installing the last bits of trim inside the tower. We plan to use borrowed scaffolding to ensure these interior trims are installed meticulously and safely.
  • Ceiling Updates in Room 8: We made minor adjustments to the electrical and fire system wirings in the ceiling—the primary area for our drywall installation. For safety, we also conducted a comprehensive test of the fire system, confirming everything is in top working order.

Room 8 Developments

  • Drywall Preparation: We’re gearing up to install drywall in the ceiling of Room 8. After measuring, we’ve confirmed that a full sheet will fit perfectly. Renting a lift from Ace Hardware will facilitate this installation, ensuring safety and efficiency at just $25 a day.

Window Screen Installation

  • Progress on Screens: We continue to install window screens, focusing on the most essential windows, especially on the third floor. After depleting the stock of large screen kits at Ace Hardware, we’re waiting for a new supply.

Decorative Touches

  • Bunting Flags for Festivities: In preparation for upcoming holidays, we’ve started installing bunting flags on the porch using eye hooks for easier setup. Our aim is to have everything decorated by Memorial Day, continuing through the Fourth of July, adding a festive touch to the facade.

Relaxing Family Moments

  • Cherished Family Time: In the midst of our packed schedule, we took a moment to relax on the front porch, bringing our two old rescue Chihuahuas out for fresh air and a stroll. These moments are precious pauses in our busy lives.

Airbnb Renovations and Planning Ahead

  • Task Prioritization: Moving forward, our focus will be on completing the bunting flags, installing the rest of the window screens, placing the drywall, and fine-tuning the interior tower trim. Each task is a step toward enhancing the charm and functionality of our property.


Juggling guest accommodations with intensive renovations presents challenges, but also brings immense rewards as our Airbnb evolves into a more inviting, historically rich, and family-friendly space. We appreciate the support from our guests and look forward to sharing further updates as we continue to enhance our beloved property.

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