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The Story of Our Victorian Sofa Rescue

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This weekend’s find was not just a piece of furniture—it was a rescue mission steeped in history. Amidst our usual renovations and a bustling Airbnb. We embarked on a journey to rescue a Victorian sofa from a fate worse than neglect—total abandonment.

The Discovery

The adventure began with an urgent message on Facebook Marketplace: a Victorian sofa was free for the taking, but if we didn’t claim it, it was destined for the trash. Intrigued by the listing and the photos of its grand but worn appearance. We decided it was worth the drive—a 45-minute trek a few towns over—to see if we could give it a new home.

Bringing It Home

Arriving at the location, we found the sofa waiting outside, vulnerable and exposed to the elements. As we loaded it onto our vehicle, the center leg gave way, a silent testament to its years of service. The journey home was cautious and slow, culminating in another small mishap when one of the back legs broke completely. Despite these setbacks, Stacie set to work as soon as we arrived home. Cleaning the sofa from top to bottom, revealing its faded elegance hidden under years of neglect.

A Temporary Resting Place

For now, the sofa has found a temporary spot at the bottom of our grand staircase in the foyer. Draped in a crimson blanket to hide the tears and supported by a humble paint can in place of the broken leg, it rests in a makeshift yet poetic setting beneath the soft light of the chandelier.

The Vision For The Victorian Sofa Rescue

Our vision for this sofa is to restore its Victorian splendor. The tattered velvet upholstery will be replaced with rich burgundy fabric trimmed in gold, reflecting its historical significance. This project, while daunting, is a labor of love that we’re eager to begin. Following the completion of another restoration currently underway.

Integration Into Our Home

This sofa isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a historical artifact that will eventually blend seamlessly with the era of our Queen Anne Victorian home, built in 1836. Once restored, I envision this sofa as a haven for relaxation—perfect for guests and family to enjoy a quiet reading session or a peaceful nap.

A Call for Insights

If anyone has information on this particular style of sofa or has come across similar pieces, we would love to hear from you. Your insights could be invaluable as we work to restore and preserve this piece of history. Given the design and the apparent wear, this sofa likely dates from the mid to late 19th century, possibly between the 1850s and 1890s.


Rescued from the brink of destruction, this Victorian sofa is set to become a cherished centerpiece in our home. Its story of resilience and revival is just beginning, and we invite you to follow along as we transform this forgotten treasure into a celebrated part of our historic home.

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